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PyBay is a conference you can't afford to miss

PyBay is the Bay Area Python community’s chance to come together, learn from the best in the software industry, find a mentor, make new friends, and come away with an experience that can only be created by engineers for engineers. In our humble opinion, if you are into Python, if you are serious about advancing your technical skills / career, or if you want to promote your ideas to SF Bay Area's finest developers, there is no better place for you to be at August 19-21 than PyBay. Why?

We will have some amazing speakers and guests, such as Armin Ronacher, Simon Willison, Wes Mckinney, Alex Martelli, Jessica McKellar... and many other engineering leads and open source contributors that are not giving talks this time.

If you have been to technical conferences before, you know the best part about the conference is the hallway track. The opportunity to run into awesome developers and somehow, you get the answer to the pressing problems you've been tinkering on, or you get inspired to work on something new, to take that next steps. You may even find your next job, your next co-founder...

Unlike other conferences where you jump from talks to talks, we’ve worked hard to create spaces and times for these hallway track to flourish, for you to interact with the experts and community contributors - not just during the talks but also one on one.

We have hacker lounges where you can go to tables where experts are hanging out, chat with them about technical subjects, sprint together, or strike up some new friendships.

We have intentionally added more time between talks for those ‘hallway’ conversations to happen. Or, if you are not into socializing, you can utilize the time (and space!) to clear your mind, to integrate what you’ve just learned in the last session, to take a break so you can be fully present for the next talk.

We also take learning very seriously. So our talks are complemented with workshops where you can deep dive into specific topics and learn from experts like Raymond Hettinger and Wesley Chun.

PyBay is meant to be an original experience so that YOU can have an awesome weekend with peers you'd like to spend more time with. So that YOU can demo your ideas and network with some of the best python-powered companies and contributors in the python community. So that YOU can get the training and education you need to excel in your career.

The best part? The new connections you've made are right here in SF Bay Area. People you can meet again easily for the new ideas, open source projects, or friendships to brew. Entrepreneurs and VCs invest in companies that favors onsite, collaborative culture over dev shops relying heavily on telecommuting / offshore developments. How are YOU going to take advantage of the proximity of the new connections we help create for you at PyBay?

Check out what we've got in addition to the scheduled talks, which will be recorded:

Hacker Lounges @ the Pub (Open for hacking all day except for lunch and job fair/tools expo)

  • Organize your own sprints (feel free to start getting your team together now!)

  • Carry on that conversation inspired by the last talk

  • Dig in the code with someone you’ve just met

  • Mentor others (our mantra: the more we give, the more we receive, what's yours)

Open Spaces @ Conference Rooms (entire weekend)

  • Sign-up for 30 mins or 60 mins time slots to speak on topics you want once you arrive on Friday night, #pybay2016 to let people know what topic you'd be speaking on and when

  • Choose from 3 rooms: one seats 35 theater style; one seats 20 classroom style and 1 with small round tables greats for smaller group conversations

Lightning talks @ Keynote Room (Friday night and Sunday before closing)

  • Sign-up for 5 mins talk slots here to speak on Friday night

  • Sign-up for 5 mins talk slots at the conference to speak on Sunday night

Expo Hall from Gold Level sponsors @ the Atrium (Sat 8:30a - 3:30p)

  • Because of the generosity of these and many other sponsors, we are able to keep your ticket price low, offer you video for the talks you have missed, and feed you well.

  • Please visit their table, learn what they are doing with Python, thank them, or apply to work there!

Job Fair / software tools exhibit while you taste awesome food (Sat 5:00a-8:00p)

Workout at the world class gym onsite (anytime you feel like you need to recharge)

  • From yoga to rock climbing and swimming, why not keep your body as sharp as your mind?

Hint: if you are waiting for the videos to come out, you are missing out on the best part of PyBay :-) Get your ticket NOW and help us make this a new tradition for Python Devs in SF Bay Area!

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