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Core Python developer Raymond Hettinger addressing 400 devs at SF Python's holiday party


SF Python's usual Speaker Night draws 150-200 devs at Yelp


Speaker Night at another sponsor Eventbrite


Joint event with PyCon Start-up Row where an all female judging team picked a startup to be represented at PyCon Portland 2016

Hy Carrel - IMG_1169

Engineering Manager from our Platinum Sponsor addressing the audience before our Keynote Speaker

Hy Carrel - IMG_1176

We couldn't have made it without our sponsors

Hy Carrel - IMG_1177

Our sponsor making meaningful connections with attendee

Hy Carrel - IMG_1235

In 2015, SF Python donated 10% of unused sponsorship funds to Lava Mae, a charity providing showers to homeless in SF

PyBay, organized to serve the Bay Area Python community, is the culmination of the highly rated monthly Meetups produced by SF Python.  


Who attends SF Python events?  


Attendees are software engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area, from students to industry professionals, open-source contributors to CTOs, all of whom are passionate about technology and about learning and sharing their knowledge with others. They're leaders in their fields to whom their peers often turn for guidance and advice.


Why sponsor?


By partnering with SF Python in sponsoring PyBay, you're telling the attendees that, like them, you stand out – that your organization shares their love of excellence in technology. This is your chance to influence an exceptionally influential group of professionals with your sponsorship message!  Use this opportunity to:

  • Promote your technical challenges and network for your next hire.

  • Drive adoption of your product.

  • Help SF Python build a stronger Python community, and enable their monthly educational meetups to remain free to Bay Area Python developers.

  • Do good for your community – a portion of the sponsorship funds will be donated to a local charity chosen by the attendees.

Where will your sponsorship dollars go?


SF Python's mission is to build, strengthen, and educate the Bay Area's Python community. Your generous sponsorship dollars will assist in furthering this mission by subsidizing SF Python's expenses in organizing this conference and its free monthly Meetups. To benefit the larger community around us, a portion of the sponsorship funds will be donated to a local charity of the attendees’ choice.

Sponsorship Packages:

Add ons:

If the total price after your add ons puts you to Gold or Platinum Sponsorship level, you'll receive corresponding Gold or Platinum level benefits less additional branding options.

Company logo on Lanyards ($1,000)

Open-Space Room Naming ($1,000)  3 available

Main-Talk Room Naming ($2,500)  4 available​​

  • All weekend long, attendees will be talking about which sessions they are going to next and where that session will take place, have these talk rooms named after your company

Conference Tote Bag ($3,300) 1 available

Want your logo on a durable bag Python Devs love

and will keep as a memorabilia?  Sponsor our

conference tote bag that will carry other companies'

swag and have your logo along side PyBay's

inaugural conference logo.  

Your contribution includes production cost but we

need your commitment and .eps logo by 8/7 5:00p

Drinks at Opening Reception on Friday night or Job Fair/Tools Expo on Sat ($6,000 per round)

  • Your company praised and your logo on signage where drinks are served at the Expo, or decorate the bar(s) as you pleased

Scholarship Sponsor (Minimum $1,200 - You decide on the scholarship category)

  • Provide scholarships to those in need of financial aid to attend PyBay ($600 will send 1 person to PyBay)

  • Work with Pybay's finanical aid coordinator to specify the category of scholarships you'd like to provide (eg. diversity, full-time students, recent graduates, low income / experiencing financial difficulties, in between jobs)

  • Receive contact info of applicants for your scholarship

  • PyBay will feature your scholarship in our financial aid page, highlight your contribution on social media, our posts about scholarships and our outreach material for scholarship applicants

  • Use your staff or PyBay's staff to select recipients of your contribution 

  • Unclaimed scholarship contributions will be used to cover PyBay's expenses and if there is a surplus, be donated to a local charity selected by the attendees

Scholarship Sponsor Opportunity

Company Lounge* (+$3,000)

  • Email Grace to discuss strategies to create the ultimate presence for your company at PyBay in this shaded patio space.

  • Engage directly with engineers, customers, and recruits by offering tutorials, genius bar, host sprint sessions, onsite mini-interviews with hiring managers, entertainment, etc.

  • Use furniture pictured or provide, at your cost, other furniture or props that match your brand to make it your truly unique "Company XYZ's Lounge"

Email Grace Law with questions or to apply to be a sponsor

More Details on Sponsorship

Job Fair/Software Tool Expo 
  • Requested by 75% of the prospective PyBay participants

  • Connect with engineers during a light reception on Saturday night between main talks and evening BOFs.

  • Eligible sponsors will have an exhibit table at the Expo. Higher-level sponsors get first dibs on available electricity and will be located near food and bar.

  • Consider adding $6,000 to your sponsorship level and be appreciated by all for buying a round of drinks on Saturday night during the Expo hall.


Opening Party or Job Fair / Tools Expo Drinks Sponsor (2 available)

  • Your company praised and your logo on signage where drinks are served at the Opening Reception on Friday or Job Fair / Tools Expo on Sat evening

Wellness/Massage Sponsor (+$2,000)

  • 20-minute chair or table massages for attendees on Saturday and Sunday

  • Large monitor at massage reception area displaying the message(s) of your choice

  • Create massage sign-up sheets and collect attendees' contact info

Food Sponsor (4 available)

  • Your company praised and your logo on signage where food is served on Saturday and Sunday, provide napkins of your company logo if you like

Snack Sponsor 

  • Your company praised and your logo on signage where food is served on Saturday and Sunday, provide napkins of your company logo if you like

Coffee Sponsor 

  • Your company's logo on napkins​​ and paper cups where coffee is served

Video Sponsor (4 available)

  • Your company’s logo on every talk video

If you have other suggestions, please email Grace Law. We'll help you make the most of your investment in the Python community.​
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