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Improv Open Space Sunday

PyBay features open spaces - your chance to claim a smaller room for your own impromptu meetup, talk, BOF session or whatever. It's your conference!

We do have a couple of reserved open spaces and I'm excited to tell you about one that will occur on Sunday.

I recently took some improv classes at work that focused on team dynamics, cooperation, and communication. In addition to being a lot of fun I found them very insightful! I'm delighted to announce that the team from ImprovHQ will lead an improv session Sunday at 1pm in one of the open spaces rooms upstairs. Read on for a description of the session and check it out on Sunday!

Learn how the techniques of improvisation directly apply to peak performance in engineering. ImprovHQ co-founders Zoe Galvez and Betsy Crouch combine their extensive experience in business and theater to deliver training on the principles for effective communication and collaboration. While engaging in a guided series of activities and conversations, you will tap into your ability to think on your feet creatively. No experience necessary. Their approach will make you feel at ease even while getting out of your comfort zone. Learn what Fortune 500 companies already know: adding these techniques to your skill set will make you more effective and nimble. Ask the engineer next to you, they may have been in an ImprovHQsession. Don't miss these champions for thriving in engineering! @improv #improvhq

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