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Financial Aid

For those in need of financial aid to attend PyBay, you are welcome to apply to any or all of the opportunities detailed below:
Please let us know if you are interested in helping at the conference, even if you are awarded a scholarship.

Sauce Labs Scholarship

Sauce Labs is a growth stage company that provides a cloud-based infrastructure for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Designed for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines, Sauce helps remove the bottleneck associated with functional testing, allowing development teams to ship better software, faster.

One of Sauce Labs' goals is to help front-end developers learn about the benefits of writing code that is optimized for automated testing. Selenium and Appium are the open source testing frameworks that run on their platform, and tests can be written in any development language, including Python. Sauce has partnered with SF Python to sponsor this year's PyBay conference in San Francisco.

For PyBay 2016, Sauce Labs is offering 2 tickets to front-end developers in need of financial aid to attend the conference.


Apply for the Sauce Labs Scholarship here.


  • Monday, August 15, 2016: Application Deadline

  • Tuesdsay, August 16, 2016: Award Letters Sent to Scholarship Recipients

Sauce Labs Scholarship

Twist Bioscience Scholarship

Twist Bioscience is a biotech start-up that synthesizes DNA on silicon to expedite the design, build, test cycle to enable personalized medicines, pharmaceuticals, sustainable chemical production, improved agriculture production, diagnostics, biodetection and data storage.

One of Twist Bioscience's goals is to increase awareness and excitement around biotech opportunities in scientific research and software development.  Twist Bioscience's outreach program includes supporting students interested in life science and biotech.

For PyBay 2016, Twist Bioscience is offering 2 scholarship opportunities to those who may otherwise be unable to attend the conference.  Twist Bioscience encourages applicants of all backgrounds who meet the professional criteria (detailed in the application form) to apply in hopes of building an inclusive information-technology community with diverse and multi-faceted perspectives.


Application is closed - thank you to those who applied!


  • Friday, August 5, 2016: Application Deadline

  • Saturday, August 6, 2016: Award Letters Sent to Scholarship Recipients

Twist Bioscience Diversity Scholarship

Metis Raffle

Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists. Located in both San Francisco and New York City, Metis offers immersive bootcamps and evening courses designed by world-class industry practitioners.

As one of the sponsors for PyBay, Metis is raffling one complimentary PyBay 2016 ticket to attendees of the "Introduction to Data Science" meetup in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 10th, at 6:30pm. 


See the details of the "Introduction to Data Science" meetup at Metis here.


  • Wednesday, August 10, 2016: Attendance at Meetup Required (Raffle Winner Announced Same Evening)

Metis Raffle

Work-Trade Opportunities

Volunteering at conferences is a great opportunity to immerse in the community and give back.  At PyCon, you can only volunteer if you have paid for your ticket.   PyBay is doing a bit more to help those that require financial assistance.  We have allocated 20 work-trade roles for those that want to help out.   And if you need financial assistance, work-trade staff pays 1/3 of early bird individual price for admission to PyBay.  

You will wear a conference crew T-shirt during your shifts and help with:

  • Stuffing conference swag bags (Friday starting at 10am)

  • Room hosting for ~4 sessions: speaker intro, Q&A, audio/tech support for sessions (we’ll try to accommodate your session preferences)

  • Shifts at registration desks / hacker space / ask me / decorations set up / take down, misc

  • Little things you may notice to create and maintain a great environment for attendees, speakers, sponsors, crew, etc... 

Apply for a Work-Trade Position here

If you are accepted, you will pay $200 for your ticket, then after you perform the tasks you agree to at the conference, we will refund you $100.  If you just want to help and do not care about lowering your ticket price, please indicate so in your application as well.

PyBay Work-Trade

We've sent welcome letters worktrade applicants on 7/29.  You are still welcome to apply - some of them may drop off or we may need more help. 

Clover Health Scholarship

Clover is a new health insurance company building a team dedicated to using technology in measurable ways to change healthcare for the better.  Python is an integral part of their tech stack.  It powers the data pipelines they use to process and analyze member data, and it integrates well with their data science tools. Python web frameworks are also the foundation of the internal and external apps Clover builds to support their insurance operations.  For example, Django’s CMS is instrumental in allowing their marketing team to edit website content on the fly.  Since they rely on Python so heavily, one of their primary goals is to support the Python community by sending people to conferences, sponsoring SF Python and other local events, and organizing PyLadies events in their office.

Clover wants to increase awareness and excitement around opportunities for groups of all backgrounds in Software Engineering and in Data Science.  Clover's outreach program ranges from hosting workshops that introduce programming to young women to encouraging diversity in attendees to the PyBay conference.

For PyBay 2016, Clover is offering 5 scholarship opportunities to those who may otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

Application is now closed - thank you to those who applied!



  • Friday, July 29, 2016: Application Deadline Extended at Request of Applicants

  • Saturday, July 30, 2016: Award Letters Sent to Scholarship Recipients

Clover Health Diversity Scholarship
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