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Meghan Heintz


Data Scientist at Zynga. Former environmental engineer and river restoration engineer turned data mavan and pythonista.

The Game is a Graph

Dealing with Data, Beginner


The Game is a Graph: An introduction to network theory and Networkx.

How slots machines can be modeled as nodes in a graph to create a recommendation system for slots players.


This talk would be an introduction to network theory and Networkx and how it can be applied to develop a recommendation system for slots machines within a slots game. The complex flow of users through a 60+ machine slots game can be modeled with machines as nodes and links weighted by the number of players moving between them in a session. With this framework, node and graph attributes can be calculated for segments of users with Networkx and clusters of machines that may or may not have been obvious to the game developer can be discovered. These clusters can then be used in a recommendation engine to introduce players to new machines similar players have a high affinity too.

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