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Jamie Whitacre


Jamie Whitacre is the technical project manager for Project Jupyter, an open-source scientific computing and data science ecosystem used extensively in academia and industry. Project Jupyter operates out of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) at UC Berkeley. Matthias Bussonnier is a postdoctoral researcher at BIDS and a core developer for Jupyter and IPython.

Project Jupyter

Dealing with Data, Intermediate


An overview of Project Jupyter.


Jupyter is an open source, language agnostic, interactive computing platform used in scientific computing and data science that provides multiple tools tailored for different workflows, from traditional terminal-style control to the popular web-based Notebook. The Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows users to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. Jupyter is the evolution of the original ideas in the IPython interactive shell, as we generalized them into a language agnostic protocol that has now been implemented in over 50 separate languages.

One project within the Jupyter ecosystem, JupyterHub, is a multi-user environment for Jupyter Notebooks that runs off a central server and that can be used to serve Notebooks to classes of students, corporate workgroups, or scientific research groups. JupyterHub is the backbone for UC Berkeley’s new Undergraduate Data Science Education Program, an ambitious program that aims to provide every freshman with core knowledge and skills in data science.

In this talk we will discuss and demonstrate the many development activities underway at Project Jupyter, including IPython 5.0, JupyterHub, and JupyterLab, and how these tools are used in data science, industry, scientific research, and education.

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